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Easily find movies you want to watch

The application is for the recognition and finding movies in rеаl-time by recording fragments of the movie when you need to know the title.

*The final version may be different from which is on the screenshots.
App screen of found movie
App screen of found movie
App screen of found movie
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The main advantages of the app.

Correct result

Our app can identify a movie exactly due to our brand new technology by recording a fragment.

You can use it everywhere

When you are watching a movie, but you can not remember the title in any way. Or when you've seen a movie on the way or while waiting for the plane at the airport and would like to watch it till the end.

Demand for technology

It is a convenient solution to the common problem faced by many people when they can not find out the title of the film.

Unique technology

There are no any similar services with the direct video recognition or identifying in the whole world. And the app can recognize anything that will be in the database.

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