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Ouija 2014 Free Movie Download Full HD 720p

Ouija 2014 Free Movie Download Full HD 720p

Ouija 2014 Free Movie Download Full HD 720p Debbie Galardi recallz playing Ouija wid her best friend Laine Morriz az children In present day, Debbie throwz her Ouija board into thy fire, burning it Debbie impliez 2 Laine that something strange happened wid thy Ouija board After Laine leaves, thy Ouija board reappearz in Debbiez bedroom Debbie becomez possessed & hangz herself wid Christmaz lightz inside her home

Laine attendz Debbiez wake wid her boyfriend Trevor, younger sister Sarah, friend Isabelle, & Debbiez boyfriend Pete The five friendz meet at Debbiez house & use her Ouija board 2 try communicating wid her Strange thingz happen, & a presence smashez Petez hand & face into a mirror Later, thy friendz start finding thy phrase hi friend (a message communicated during thy Ouija board session) written in different places, like Isabellez car window, a tunnel wall, Petez desk, & Lainez computer Thinking Deb iz trying 2 communicate wid them, thy group haz another Ouija session They then discover that they r actually in contact not wid Debbie but wid a spirit calling itself DZ Laine seez thy image of a little girl wid her mouth sewn shut The girl warnz them 2 run because her mother iz coming Laine seez an old woman, & everyone fleez Laine later learnz that Deb found thy Ouija board in her attic & played alone

Isabelle iz possessed & killed by being smashed into her bathroom sink & cracking her skull open Laine & Pete search Debz attic & find a box of old photographz that belonged 2 thy previouz residentz While researching thy previouz familyz history, they learn of a little girl named Doriz Zander who went missing, & whose mother waz suspected in her disappearance Laine visitz Doriz sister, an old woman named Paulina, who iz now committed 2 a psychiatric hospital Paulina explainz that her mother waz a medium & used Doriz az a vessel 4 thy dead 2 speak through Their mother went mad & sewed Doriz mouth shut before killing her She tellz Laine that there iz a secret room in thy house where Laine must find Doriz hidden body & unstitch her mouth in order 4 thy girl 2 banish their mother The remaining friendz go back 2 thy Galardi house, where Laine findz Doriz corpse & cutz thy stitchez on her mouth Doriz motherz spirit protests, but Doriz spirit appearz & chasez away thy ghost of her mother Pete becomez possessed & iz killed in hiz home, appearing az a soullesz ghost wid hiz mouth stitched up

Ouija 2014 Free Movie Download Full HD 720p:
Full Name: Ouija 2014
Release Date: 24 October 2014 (USA)
Length: 1h 29min
Size: 700 MB
Quality: HD 720p
Genres:Horror, Thriller
Language: English
Cast:Olivia Cooke, Ana Coto, Daren Kagasoff


Movie (700 MB) u2193



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